Pre-Historical Department

The Fiji Museum Pre-Historical Archaeology Department

The Pre-history Archaeology Departments role in the Fiji Museum is to identify and preserve Fiji’s cultural heritage both in terms of artifacts brought to the museum as part of excavated collections, and of the archaeological sites that are situated within Fiji’s natural environment. It is also responsible for the dissemination of any information that is gathered through the scientific investigation of such sites.

Survey, Excavation and Report
The Pre-History Archaeology Department carries out field programmes and copies of reports on these and other archaeological projects, including plans for future research, can be obtained by contacting us.

Fiji Archaeological Preservation Legislation
The Pre-History Archaeology Department, along with the Historical Archaeology Department, is responsible for administering the Preservation of Objects of Archaeological & Palaeontological Interest Act.

Visiting Researchers Policy
In the past, the lack of systems in the Pre-History Archaeology Department meant that researchers who worked in Fiji often removed material from the country, carried out an analysis and wrote up their notes without ever having passed on their research findings to the Fiji Museum. Such actions were not been beneficial either to the museum or to the people of Fiji.

Today, researchers wishing to work in Fiji are required to lodge an application form before being issued with a permit. This allows the museum to have greater control over information gathered and enables greater dissemination to the local communities.

The museum endeavours to foster ties between different academic and cultural resource management institutions encouraging the exchange of information between national and international organisations.

All visiting archaeologists must complete applications for the appropriate archaeology permits.

Archaeological Permits:

Contact the Historical Archaeology Department for further information.

Computerisation of Site Register
The Pre-History Archaeology Department has developed a computerised database for the archaeological sites. Volunteers often help to keep this database updated.