Fiji’s Historical Buildings & Sites

There are a few buildings in Suva that were constructed during the Colonial Administration period and are still being used today. Buildings such as The Vineyard, that used to be the old Town Hall, or the FINTEL building that once housed the Pacific Cable and Wireless Office, are historically significant and have been preserved under various Acts and Regulations.

Similarly, the town of Levuka is World Heritage Listed and almost all the buildings have been preserved to maintain the appearance of a colonial town in the Pacific.

Under the building classification system used by city and town planners, historic buildings and sites are classified into two grades:

Grade A Building:

  • The buildings are of national importance because of their architectural and/or historical interest.
  • These buildings shall not be demolished except in special circumstances wherein the demolition relates to an unsympathetic addition or extension which if demolished would go towards restoring the original building.
  • Any proposal to alter, add or undertake new development to Grade A buildings shall be classified as a conditional development

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Grade B Building:

  • Where the building are of local importance.
  • Any proposal to demolish these buildings shall be classified as a conditional development.
  • Any proposal to alter, add or undertake new development to Grade B buildings shall be classified as conditional development

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Historical Sites

WWII Sites:

  • Nasonini Gun Batteries/Bunkers (situated at Forum Secretariat, Ratu Sukuna Rd)
  • Parliament House Gun Batteries/Bunkers (Parliament House Hill, Veiuto)
  • Flagstaff Radar Stations/Bunkers (Reservoir, Laucala Bay Rd)
  • Lighthouse (Lighthouse Restaurant)
  • Bilo Gun Batteries/Bunkers
  • Momi Gun Batteries/Bunkers
  • Lomolomo Gun Batteries/Bunkers
  • Tamavua Hospital
  • Tamavua Underground Hospital

Historical buildings:

  • Borron House
  • Veivueti House (Draiba)
  • Cable and Wireless Office, Victoria Parade
  • Suva City Library, Victoria Parade
  • Nasova House, Levuka


  • Naililili Catholic Church, Rewa
  • Church of St. Francis, Rakiraki


  • Bourewa, Sigatoka
  • Labalaba Crossing, Deuba
  • Thurston Gardens, previously Suva Village
  • Na Uluvatu Village, Suva
  • Tavuni Hill Fort, Sigatoka
  • Sigatoka Sand Dunes
  • Navo Island, Natadola, Sigatoka

Other Sites:

  • Volivoli Caves, Volivoli, Sigatoka
  • Qara ni Vokai Caves, Volivoli, Sigatoka