The Fiji Museum inspires and promotes respect for all the diverse cultures of Fiji.


The Fiji Museum will become known as a world-class museum. It will enhance this reputation by working locally, nationally and internationally to maintain and strengthen its focus on the diverse cultures of Fiji. It will be a place where the tangible and intangible heritage of these cultures is safeguarded and made accessible to community members and researchers. Its innovative and imaginative exhibitions and programmes will serve local communities and be a significant draw for all visitors. It will make a difference in people’s lives.


To meet this vision, it is the objective of the Museum to undertake more marketing, effective research, documentation, and presentation of historical artefacts, and the development of activities aimed at stimulating interest in culture and the arts. To this end, the museum envisages as its immediate objectives the following areas: preservation, education, management of, and fiscal responsibility for, the culture of its community. Specifically:


  • Maintain and develop facilities which protect the collections in a controlled environment, free of congestion, with regulated light, temperature and humidity levels; and safe from damage by pests.
  • Create an environment which presents the nation’s history and culture in an effective and inviting atmosphere


  • Expand community awareness of the role of the museum through education programmes.

Heritage Management

  • Liaise with Fiji’s landowners to assist in the identification, research and interpretation of sites in order to protect valuable heritage sites and generate revenue for landowners.